Register to Vote

Be one of the 8.7 million registered California Democrats who take a stand for Democratic values of progress and prosperity for all.

Make the biggest impact by registering to vote! As a voter, you will hold the power in your hands to choose the leaders and laws that will shape the every aspects of our lives from the schools our children attend to international trade.


Identification Requirements

In almost all cases, as a voter you are not required to show any identification to be able to cast a ballot. However, if you are a first-time voter who registered by mail and did not provide your driver license number, California I.D. number or the last 4 digits of your social security number on the registration form, you may be asked to show a form of I.D. when you arrive at the polls.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • A copy of a recent utility bill
  • The sample ballot booklet you received from your county elections office or other document sent to you by a government agency
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Official state identification card
  • Student identification card showing your name and photograph.
    *visit California Secretary of State website for more information


Vote By Mail

If you would like to vote by mail click here to sign up. You will receive your ballot in the mail at least 3 weeks before the election. Voting by mail is proven to increase voter turnout. And when Democrats vote, we win.

Contact Your Local Registrar

If you have any questions about your registration status, vote-by-mail ballot or about your County’s Election Day process click here to contact your local registrar.

Since 1992, the California Democratic Party (CDP), through our Promote and Protect the Vote (P2TV) Program, has been protecting the rights of all voters and ensuring that every vote counts. We are protecting the right to vote against Republican efforts to limit turnout. You can learn about our Promote and Protect the Vote Program, take advantage of our services, and how you can also take action to protect the vote!

Promote and Protect the Vote Hotline: (877) 321-VOTE (8683)

If you have questions about your vote or if you encounter issues with voting, please contact our Promote and Protect the Vote Hotline: (877) 321-VOTE (8683).

The following instructional video is shared courtesy of the California Secretary of State:

Due to COVID-19, the Special Election for Congressional District 25 and Senate District 28 will be primarily vote-by-mail to ensure the safety of every voter.

All voters will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot.

How to Vote by Mail

Your Ballot Comes to You

Under our new system, to protect all voters during the COVID-19 crisis, all registered voters are mailed ballots in the weeks before the election. Just like credit cards, bank statements, and other secure documents, the US postal service delivers these ballots with security and discretion.

How to Fill Out Your Ballot

  • You will be mailed your proper ballot
  • Read the instructions and mark the ballot
  • Put the ballot in the special return envelope and fill in the required information on the envelope
  • You must sign your name on the return envelope or your ballot will not be counted. Your signature must match the signature on your voter registration application form.

Returning Your Ballot

  • Vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day
  • No postage is necessary
  • If you lose your vote-by-mail ballot, you can get another one. Call your County Elections Official for information.

Check Your Registration

If you believe you are already registered, you can verify your registration online with our “My Voter Status” tool.


If you have any questions regarding the voting process, call our Promote and Protect the Vote Hotline at: (877) 321-VOTE (8683)

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