The Democratic National Committee
“The Democratic National Committee plans the Party’s quadrennial presidential nominating convention; promotes the election of Party candidates with technical and financial support and voter mobilization; and works with national, state, and local party organizations, elected officials, candidates and constituencies to respond to the needs and views of the Democratic electorate and nation.”

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California Democratic Party
This is the home page for the California Democratic Party.

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Vision Statement

The California Democratic Council envisions that every registered Democrat is represented by leaders at all levels of government who advocate successfully for Democratic Party values and high quality of life for all Californians; and that elected leaders are informed about the most important issues concerning members of the Democratic Clubs which make up their constituency.




LGBT Caucus of the California Democratic Party

The purpose of the LGBT Caucus is to work within the California Democratic Party, providing a strong voice and representation within the party structure; securing full equal rights of LGBT Citizens through effective legislation and policies; and encouraging LGBT persons to participate fully as Democrats at all levels of policy making and public service.

Caucus Information



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