Melissa Flores Moreno

Four days after making history with PUSD’s first ever Pride Event, #MonacheGSA does it again! Tonight, after FOUR HOURS, a lot of stalling, and a dramatic City Council vote, #MonacheGSA officers — Skye Hunter, OfieJane Castillo, and Rocio Alcantar — witnessed the approval and signing of a City Proclamation recognizing October 11th as #NationalComingOutDay in Porterville! Thank you, Skye and OfieJane, for staying for the 4 hours to hold our city leaders accountable and for forcing them to look you in the eyes as they cast their votes. I know that your presence in the Chambers is the reason the Proclamation passed! Thank you, Councilman Daniel Peñaloza, for sponsoring the Proclamation — your leadership gives me hope for the future of Porterville! Thank you to Vice Mayor Monte Reyes for your passionate defense of our cause on the dais. Thank you to Council Member Virginia Gurrola for being the deciding vote in our favor… despite your concerns. Finally, and most importantly, thank you to Brock Neeley, John Coffee, and all the fierce and relentless warriors who started this fight in 2008 (before that, really) and who never gave up — you all ran most of this marathon, and we will never forget that!

Visalia Times Delta Article

Porterville Recorder Article

Photo by: Alexis Espinosa

@ 13 minutes 23 seconds into the audio you hear the mayor say “I have IT in my family” referring to LGBTQ Family Members

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